Berhane Selassie (Bob Marley)

A Physical Exodus to Zion

Mumia : “Brother, what’s the significance of the song, Exodus?”
Marley : “Exodus means coming together…the movement of Afrika, of Black people. Exodus from Babylon, we’re in Babylon, and then a physical exodus to Home. But what we really a say is dat, we waan Black people to unite, with one another, Seen? Now, the only way we can unite is to deal wit truth…the truth is that King Solomon and King David is the root and if we gonna deal with roots, we hafta deal from King Solomon and King David time, Lion of Tribe of Judah, ya know? So, this is what I and I say: time for unity! Cause we’s a people, we have something…and we have to deal with it, seen?”
Bob Marley, Interview with Mumia Abu-Jamal, Philadelphia 1979

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