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Tiqur Anbessa Statue – Addis Abeba

Tiqur Anbessa (ጥቁር አንበሳ) is a “Black Lion” of stone, a large ten-meter-high statue depicting the crowned Lion of Judah, located in Addis Ababa near to the National Theater.
It was built on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the reign of Haile Selassie I (25 years from 1930, therefore in 1955), and was realized by the great French sculptor Maurice Calka, according to avant-garde aesthetic lines.
Ethiopia - Land, People and Customs

The Mausoleum of Menelik II – Addis Abeba

The Mausoleum of Menelik II was built in 1917 in Addis Ababa by Empress Zawditu and the then Regent of the Empire Teferi Mekonnen, and inaugurated 10 years later.

It consists of a magnificent dome, surmounted by the imperial crown, and four turrets. With a square plan, on each side there are 3 doors, in the image of the Heavenly Jerusalem as described in the Revelation of John (Chapter 21), “defended” by 2 lion statues. At the top, on each side, stands Menelik’s initial M ም, radiant and surmounted by a crown.

Inside are paintings describing the deeds of the Emperor, and in the crypt rests his body, along with that of his wife Taitu, his daughter Zewditu, and the daughter of Haile Selassie Tsehay.

The Mausoleum is also a church that regularly performs liturgical service, entitled Baata Maryam በአታ ማርያም (or “the Entrance of Maryam” in the Temple of Jerusalem).

Ethiopia - Land, People and Customs

Ethiopia Speaks His Own African Language

No colonial language for Ethiopia.
That is the logic foundation of freedom.
Babylon is confusion of language.

Ethiopia - Land, People and Customs

Biblical Musical Instruments – ቀርን Qern – The Horn

These are the trumpets that have shaken the foundation of Jericho.
The people of Ethiopia is the true Ilected Seed of Israel.
Blow the horns on the day of the new moon ::
On the marked day of our feast ::
For this is the ritual of Israel ::
And the deliberation of the God of Jacob ::
Psalm 80/81
Glorify Egziabhier in His holy ones ::
Glorify Him in the strenght of His power ::
Glorify Him in His capacity ::
Glorify Him according to His much greatness ::
Glorify Him by the voice of the horn ::
Psalm 150
Ge’ez : ቀርን Qern
Latin : Cornu
English: Horn
Archetype of the trumpets. Elephant it trumpets.
Ethiopia - Land, People and Customs

Coffee is Black Ethiopian

The word “Coffee” derives from the Ethiopian region of Kaffa, from which the plant and its tradition originally come. Every morning, almost every citizen in the West begins his day with this very Black and Ethiopian substance. The beginning of the day continually reminds us of the African and Black beginning of history.
In Ethiopia, coffee is called “Bunna” ቡና: the green beans are roasted, crushed and boiled within an earthenware jug, called “Jebenà” ጀበና, and then filtered, thus obtaining a soft and enjoyable drink, which is flavored with rue and other spices, and served together with incense through a fascinating domestic ceremony…
“Ethiopia has, from the province of Kaffa, given the world the name and product of coffee.”
H.I.M. Haile Selassie I – Selected Speeches p. 116