Haile Selassie I - Laws and Government

The Seal of the Ethiopian Ministry of Education

The Seal of the Imperial Ministry of Education of Haile Selassie I.
The Torch of Knowledge Enlightenment: fire was the first element created, beginning of the creation of Egziabhier, and similarly, control over fire is the first scientific and technological resource of man in his own creations.
Around the Torch, here the word of the Gospel in Ge’ez, an adaption from John 8,22:
A(e)m(e)r(e)wa WeAtz(e)n’(e)wa le T(e)beb WeT(e)bebni Tag(e)(e)’zek(e)mu ::
Know and Retain Wisdom and Wisdom also will free you.
The word “Tageezekemu” (will free you) has the same root of the word “Ge’ez“, as the language which is “free” from Babylon curse.
Haile Selassie I - Laws and Government

Direct Petitions to the Emperor

By constitutional law (Art. 63 Revised Constitution) each ethiopian citizen had the right to present personal petitions directly to the Emperor.
The custom at that time was to personally hand a written document to the Emperor, as he was always visibile and reachable in his work throughout the Empire, and also willing to hear contributions or complains from His people, even from the lowest of His subjects, and to have personal physical contact with them.
A striking difference appears in comparison with Babylon politicians, well covered in dark impenetrable cars, fearing the people and the experience of poverty, without any connection with the world of human struggle they pretend to represent and defend.