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Why Learn Ge’ez (Ancient Ethiopic Language) ?

WHY LEARN GE’EZ (Ancient Ethiopic) ?

– Because it is the oldest human language, as old as homo sapiens who comes from Ethiopia. It therefore preserves the words and experiences of our ancestral fathers and allows us to reconnect to the deepest roots of human history.

– Because it is not a human and conventional language, but a divine and natural one, with which God created all things in the beginning and which he taught to Adam. The words of Ge’ez are onomatopoeic and pictographic evocations of real things, and through them we can acquire wonderful logical and natural knowledge.

– Because the Ge’ez Bible is the oldest and most complete text available to us, and by studying that it is possible to remove all the veils of mystification and manipulation that have been placed over it by Romanized Judaism and Christianity.

– Because it is built according to a gematric and kabbalistic system that is much more orderly and coherent than the commonly known Jewish one: it is the code that allows us to interpret and decipher created reality, and the “genome” of God that enables us to know its Mind and Essence.

– Because it is in itself a humanly inexplicable prophetic miracle, which gives solidity and strength to the student’s faith and nourishes his spiritual life with conviction.

– Because it is the original language of God, and the privileged communication channel to invoke Him and adore Him, and also to interact with the forces of nature that were created according to its arcana.


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I n I would love to learn Ge’ze because of my experiences as a Rasta born to none Rastafari parents . My Parents were Jehova’h’s Witnesses . And from a very young age , I tried letting them know that i was a godly person , but had refused to follow their ways . I was persecuted by my parents , until I ran away as a young girl . I left home after schooling . A white man found me and took me to his mother help reestablish me. After many years I discovered that I was in a golden prison. I am still there hoping ome day to break free completely , to find my way to live in Ethiopia , precisely Shashamane., to mention but just one of the reasons.

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