Berhane Selassie (Bob Marley)

I&I Prophet

Let I&I celebrate on 6th day of February the great prophet of our time, King of Regal music, still the greatest Rasta musician of all times, first foundational prophetical reference for I&I in music:
1) Historical archetype of all the spiritual and prophetical rasta singers.
2) Coming from the coldest ghetto of hardships into the highest glory and power.
3) Perfectly orthodox and clear in His teaching and with no unnecessary words of intellectual vanity.
4) Perfect example of musician within the proper space and limits of his role.
5) Perfectly humble, who has never conceived any self-glorification or self attribution of titles or names.
6) Active social servant of his people welfare, and shot by the wicked with bullets because of that.
7) Unsurpassable example of popular success and musical quality, expressed by the richest and technically greatest musical band ever, and within the short span of time of 37 years. We have never seen him falling down in quality or inspiration.
8 ) Focused on real Ethiopia and Shashamane community, that he has visited during Menghistu oppression with high personal risk.
9) Servant of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, baptized just before his death on 4th November, and then passing to the divine judgment without sins, like a child.
10) Receiving the glorious Ge’ez name of Berhane Selassie ብርሃነ ፡ሥላሴ ። (Light of the Trinity), as seal of his revealing role, not by debatable personal choice but through the official authority of the Most High.
11) Receiving the solomonic ring of His Majesty, by hands of the Royal Family.
12) Loved and Revered in Ethiopia more than any other, with an Ethiopian monument to testify that.