Ethiopian I-tal Food

Injera እንጀራ

Injera እንጀራ is a kind of “crepe” of teff flour, a particular Ethiopian cereal with high leavening power. Various traditional condiments are placed on this crepe, which are eaten with hands, using injera as support, like bread.
Injera is a very ancient food, which is said to be the meal of the biblical prophets and the patriarchs of Israel. In Our Father’s prayer, in Ethiopian Amharic language, instead of “give us our daily bread” it is said “give us our daily injera” (“Yelet Injeracchinin Sitten Zarie”). It is the most basic element of the Ethiopian food.
Injera’s idea, as an edible circular support for condiments, is the African arketype of Italian pizza. Teff is a gluten-free grain, which guarantees a very healthy fermentation and easy digestion.