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Pure Resins of Frankincense and Myrrh from Ethiopia

Pure resins of frankincense of different kinds (betekristian, aden, ogaden, copal, lubanja) and myrrh from Ethiopia.



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Incense – Etàn ዕጣን

Incense, called Ettàn in the Ethiopian language, ዕጣን.
It was given to Christ as a symbol of His priesthood, and is essentially burned by the Church for liturgical sanctification and the inspiration of the faithful. As it was written by the Psalmist (141,2):
“Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense”
Just like myrrh, it is a resin that is extracted from the bark of a plant, Boswellia, of which we have many different varieties. Depending on the variety, incense can have different colors and be found in crystalline, stony or woody form.
A particular crystalline variety of Boswellia is used for the liturgy, called “Bietekristiyan” (meaning “Church”). Other varieties are used for home fragrance (like “Ogaden” or “Lubanja”) and during the civil ceremony of coffee (for example, “Aden”).